Publisher Trion Worlds has announced a new multi-user sandbox called Trove.


Externally, Trove is very similar to the famous sandbox-mmorpg Cube World. In any case, we are waiting for you with the same voxel graphics and total destructibility of everything and everything. The authors themselves invented a new genre for their project – “Massive Multiverse Adventure Game”.

Such an ambitious solution is not just an invention – the fact is that the universe of the game will consist of many randomly generated worlds that somehow will be interconnected. Worlds will not last forever – each of them can disappear and subsequently partially manifest itself in the next. Players will travel through the chains of such mini universes, bringing with them pieces of created content and their achievements, which can be shared with friends.

So far, to understand the idea of the authors is difficult. For certain it is only known that the game features classic elements of other MMOs: pumping, mobs, construction, random dungeons, loot, craft.

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