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Trove is presented as the definitive free-to-play action MMO where players can battle shadow forces in realms filled with incredible dragons and objects created by other players. All this surrounded by a “voxel” aesthetic.


The game is split into worlds. You’ll always start in the Hub world. Trove is split into 2 parts, building and adventuring. When you begin you pick a class to start with and go through the tutorial. This world has portals to other places based on level. The higher level the portal, the better the loot is and stronger the enemies are, so aim to go into a portal at your level. Remember that you cannot go into a portal that is higher level than you.

How to move in Trove world?

  • You move with the W/A/S/D keys and move your mouse to move the camera.
  • Q uses the flask you have equipped.
  • E interacts with the world and picks up loot by holding it down.
  • Left mouse button uses primary attack in adventure mode and places an item in build mode.
  • Right mouse button uses first ability in adventure mode and mines in build mode.
  • 1 uses second ability in adventure mode.
  • 2 uses ultimate ability in adventure mode.
  • Tab switches between adventure and build mode.
  • Spacebar makes you jump.
  • Look at your stats by pressing C and clicking the green Stats button. The jump stat is how many times you can jump before landing, so if you have a high jump stat, you can reach high places without any help.

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